Our solutions for coating every wood

A step forward

Combined coating system for wooden staircases

A step forward is the complete proposal of Renner Italia hi-tech coatings for the manufacture of wooden staircases.


Ultra matt shield for the interior design

The natural beauty of this protection system is the ultimate solutions to keep unaffected the unrivaled aesthetics of wood.

Hybrid Pro

One formula, boosted performances outdoors

Take the advantages of the lacquered wood stain for exterior. It provides the best features of water-based and solvent-based coatings.


Exclusive metal hydro-oils

Gold, silver and copper cover with contemporary luxurious veil every wood grain. Along with a refined see-through effect, never seen before.


Shatterproof topcoat for glasses

This hi-tech coating is certified EN 12600:2004 and is a crystal-clear glass armor.


Realise glossy sustainable collections made of leather

Precious is the first extra high gloss coating for leather, synthetic leather and pleather, that contains 100% of resins from renewable sources.