Fire-retardant wood coatings

There are endless ways to project the world and just one great duty: safety

Firewall is Renner Italia’s fire-retardant wood coatings range that guarantees to public and private settings high aesthetic standards and technological elements essential for safety.

Wood has always fascinated the main international architects.

It is light, resistant and inexpensive. It has high anti-seismic properties and it is at the heart of modern eco-friendly architecture.

Wood wraps up in beauty the places where we live, but it is also a flammable material. The places that host many people need to be protected by fire: shopping centres, hotels, cinemas, theatres, schools and hospitals…

Firewall coating systems

Hinder ignition, retard the spread of flames, limit the emission of toxic gases and comply with all the complex international norms

Using Firewall coatings means choosing endless ways to enhance wood, responding to a safety imperative.

Never compromise on safety. This is why one must rely on specialists. This is why one must choose Renner Italia’s Firewall range.