Reporting offences


Renner Italia promotes a working system based on inclusion, social responsibility, transparency and honesty.

These principles are not only limited to employees within the company walls, but also involve customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Renner Italia production chain complies with national and international requirements that can be applied to the chemical industry.

Your message is safe

Renner Italia provides a Whistleblowing area.

In this way, only offences concerning the principles contained in the Code of Ethics and relating to corruption, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, pollution, criminal offences, violation of human rights, active and passive corruptibility, as well as misuse of data may be reported anonymously.

Reporting messages are password-protected and will be handled in strict confidence on My Governance portal operated by Zucchetti.

Whistleblowing: how and where

Watch the tutorial on the whistleblowing procedure on Zucchetti’s My Governance portal.

Login to your private area to report an offence.