Sanitizing coatings for furniture, wood floorings, doors and claddings

24 April 2020

Sanitizing additives for the coating of furniture, wood floorings, doors and claddings

Stop bacteria from proliferating

Silver Defence additives for water-based and solvent-based coatings unleash their sanitizing features when in contact with germs and bacteria. The bacterial population exposed to silver ions is reduced by 99,9% in just 24 hours.

Sanitizing features

The sanitizing features of Silver Defence additives resist over time: both in their liquid and in solid state. Due to their mineral nature, the silver ions maintain their condition unaltered since they cannot evaporate. Moreover, since they are encapsulated in a vitreous matrix, these micro-particles cannot be removed when cleaning the wooden object.

The powerful silver defence additives

They do not alter the features of the coatings, they do not entail dangers to health and are suitable for surfaces that come into contact with food products. Silver Defence range, as all product ranges studied by the research and development Laboratory of Renner Italia, focuses its formulation on respect for people and environment.

Sanitizing coatings

How the silver ions act on germs and bacteria

The Silver Defence additives transform the wood coatings into a formidable barrier against hygiene enemies.

They’re ideal for environments with high hygiene standards such as dental clinics, restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, swimming pools, saunas, children bedrooms, restrooms, etc. Silver Defence additives do not alter the technical and aesthetic features of the huge range of coating products made by Renner Italia, but rather they complete and enhance it with extraordinary sanitizing power.

Warning: Silver Defence additives do not act on virus.

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