Tradition and modernity

Renner Italia solvent-based products

transfer the benefits of the most modern coating technologies into the most traditional wood coating products. Renner Italia solvent-based coatings are extremely easy to use and are optimized for both industrial and the handcrafted use.

Supera i confini del tempo

A solution
for every need

A wide range of possible applications: on open or closed pore wood, as glossy and matt topcoats, pigmented or clear.

synthetic, nitro, polyurethane and polyester coatings.
stains for generic and specific use.
additives ,integrative and auxiliary products.
polyurethane, polyester, synthetic and nitro thinners.
tintometric systems: computerized and manual “ColorSystem”
Whatever object you need to coat or colour you need to use, Renner Italia solvent-based products are synonym of highest standards.

Total respect for the environment

Suitable for surfaces subject to high wear-and-tear, Renner Italia nitro, polyurethane and polyester wood coatings ensure chemical and physical resistance and are easily comparable to the most modern water-based coatings.

Even in synthetic formulas Renner Italia has chosen raw materials of the highest quality and completely harmless to health and the environment. Amongst the components there are no traces of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, antimony, barium, mercury, chromium. Renner Italia solvent-based products respect the EN 71.3 norm, regarding the use of coatings on toys and materials that get in contact with children.