Italian Glass: Coatings for interior design

12 December 2019

Italian Glass

In the alphabet of interior design, the letter G for glass plays a leading role. In a constant conversation with wood, the glass gives personality, transparency and brightness to every space.

Coatings for
interior design

With water-based Italian Glass coatings of Renner Italia, the glass becomes full of colour and is beautified with endless aesthetic solutions. Italian Glass topcoats offer countless patterns and special effects, combining the most traditional shades with the most modern textured and satin looks. Suitable for every glass surface, both flat and hollow, Italian Glass products are the central idea in furniture, interior design items, doors and partitioning systems. The final result is a renewed harmony between project and space.

Eco-friendly and painter-friendly colours

Italian Glass products grant low VOC emissions, as well as all water-based Renner Italia coatings. These products are manufactured in plants, fed only by renewable energy resources. They are formaldehyde-free and do not contain heavy metals.

1k and 2k Italian Glass coatings perfectly adhere to every kind of glass surface and exhibit unrivalled chemical and physical performances. They can be applied by manual or automatic spray gun, as well as by roller or curtain coater. Drying can be at room temperature or in oven. After drying, thanks to the coating remarkable resistance it is possible to cut, polish, apply glue and silicones to the item.

The range is made up of

Waterlike coatings

Coloured waterlike coatings

Pigmented coatings

Metallic coatings

These design topcoats are able to reproduce in a very precise way every kind of colour shade, with particular reference to the CS 2015 and Chroma colour charts of Renner Italia, in addition to RAL and NCS. Thanks to Color System, Renner Italia ensures high colour matching accuracy, standardisation and reproducibility, as well as speed of delivery and bespoke colours throughout the world.

A fundamental step

There are different kinds of glass. Cleaning the substrate properly is fundamental and depends on the initial features and the desired performance. For this purpose, it is important to prepare the substrate with AG M500 cleaner before applying the coating. AG M500 removes any organic substance from the glass surface, prevents flow and evenness flaws, thus ensuring the best coating film adhesion.


Italian Glass coatings are good-looking and attentive to the environment. But that’s not all: they have many certifications in terms of performances.

Specific products for the direct application on glass

AG M500


  • For every kind of glass
    Easy-to-apply by manual spray
  • It can be used also with automatic system
  • Fast drying
  • It can be used for both water and solvent-based coatings

FI G202

2k solvent-based primer

  • Drying temperatures from 25° to 35°C
  • Overcoatable with any kind of solvent-based product

GI M600

1/2k high-gloss primer and/or topcoat
Application by spray gun, roller or curtain coater (as indicated in the TDS)

  • Drying temperatures from 25° to 125°C
  • Usable 1k (as indicated in the TDS) or 2k (as indicated in the TDS)
  • For waterlike effect colours
  • Gripping primer for special water and solvent-based effects

GO M800/EXT (extra white)

1k converter
Application by spray gun

GO V800/EXT (extra white)

1k converter
Application by spray gun or curtain coater

GO R800/EXT (extra white)

1k converter
Application by roller

  • Drying temperatures from 25° to 125°C
    Usable with YC M419 or YC M406
  • Good surface tension >35 mN/m
  • It facilitates adhesion of glues and silicones
  • High chemical resistance
  • Every colour can be obtained by means of EY M690/XXX pastes range

Special Effects Made in Italy

Italian Glass coatings have an Italian heart. The taste for beauty and elegance defines the quality of this range. Our chemists work in close contact with the most important designers and meet all their requirements. These are some of the many effects that can be achieved on glass.

Make your indoor spaces bright

To extremely customise your indoor spaces Italian Glass coatings propose trendy fluo, phosporescent and shining effects. Make your furniture, design projects, doors and partitioning systems sparkling with Swarovski Italian Glass range, glowing at night with our phosporescent colours: lime, eletric blue, light blue, purple, red.

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