The tinting system has no limits

Color System

Coating means color

Color is the physical interface of design thinking. With thousands of color solutions and special effects (textures), Color System tinting system of Renner Industrial Coatings is the ideal landing place for those who want to define, renew and consolidate the identity soul of their manufacturing.

speed and replicability

Created to enhance, protect and make surfaces last over time, Renner Industrial Coatings range is designed to satisfy all the needs of designers and applicators. Color System tinting systems precisely replicate every shade of the color wheel in high-quality pigmented finishes. Color System tinting systems, for water- and solvent-based coatings, ensure precision, speed and ease of use; maintain high quality standards; and reduce human intervention.

The tinting laboratory

The know-how of our chemists-colorists is the foundation of Color System tinting systems. Pigmented pastes with high hiding power and compatibility along with neutral bases for tinting are formulated with high-quality raw materials. Through materials analysis, target definition and use of advanced formulation software, our colorists offer customized solutions in the desired shade.

Renner service centers

Renner service centers are widely distributed in 67 countries. Everywhere it is possible to precisely replicate any shade in the desired gloss. This is possible thanks to our converters suitable for coloring with the latest generation of universal pastes. Renner service centers are fully instrumented and well known for efficiency, flexibility and speed.

The advantages

Thanks to tinting systems supplied in our service centres, you can
  • Reproduce every finish accurately and standardized, in every packaging and every opacity
  • Get products cleanly and quickly
  • Ensure coatings with in-house production characteristics of Renner Italia
  • Comply with legal requirements

Pastes and converters

Color System tinting system reproduces finishes by the (automatic and controlled) addition of pigmented pastes into suitably formulated base vehicles. Such vehicles are commonly recognized as converters.

Renner Italia pigmented pastes are produced following precise guidelines
Completeness of the entire color spectrum
Color stability and durability to the most severe light exposures
Compatibility (they are intermixable even in complex formulations, where they maintain excellent rub-out test behavior)
Universality of use that never compromises the final result
Ideal rheology and concentrations for use in an automated dosing system
Renner Italia converters
are formulated for the achievement of perfect miscibility and full compatibility with pastes
cover the spectrum of all coating systems and final applications
allow service centers, after mixing with pastes, to obtain finishes that have identical quality and performance of a product made at Renner Italia headquarters

How the spectrophotometer works

Color System spectrophotometer breaks down the electromagnetic waves coming from an object subjected to a standardized illuminant (included in the instrument itself) and, using the interpolation program, compares them with the relative values of Renner Italia pastes and converters already recorded in the database.

At that point the spectrophotometer synthesizes the best mixture of pastes and gives as output the formula based on the combination of Renner Italia converters and pastes, allowing the service center to immediately make the read color.

The level of accuracy of the spectrophotometer is very high.

Once the color is made, the service center stores the formula in the database dedicated to the user so it can be reproduced at any time.

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