Thousands formulations
endless solutions

Rennerlab has studied thousands formulations.

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Our wood coatings are suitable for any coating system: by spray or curtain coater, forced drying or hot air systems, heat progression or UV, IR or microwave. We boast an unmatched range of products that meet any requirement.

Our plants

Renner Italia’s coatings are created in Minerbio plant, near Bologna.

The production plants have been designed to satisfy water-based coatings and solvent-based coatings demands.

These great flexibility of the production tools allows looking at the future with the awareness of having all industrial plants necessary to respond to any request and change. This peculiarity offers a product range that satisfies any market need.

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Water-based coatings for interior

Riempi di bellezza la tua casa

Outdoor water-based coatings

Difendi i tuoi serramenti

Solvent-based coatings

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