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Borghi d’Italia 2024

Colour selection of beauty

Nestled on a hill or kissed by waters. Surrounded by ancient walls or nestled among linden trees. Italian villages are treasure chests of art where life speaks the language of beauty and flows slowly.
Italy is not only the country where the most popular coatings are created. Italy is also the chest that guards the largest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites. Culture has been made here for centuries. Also with colour.

Not far from the world’s most celebrated cities of art, the villages of the Belpaese charm and fascinate, far from the chaos.
Renner dedicates its 2024 colour selection to these Italian jewels, as part of Aesthetics Design Talks project.

24 furniture colours
interacting with glass and metal

From Bellagio mirrored in the lake to the glamorous nights of Capri, not forgetting the challenge to the sky of Rocca Calascio.

Aesthetics Design Talks by Renner presents 24 shades of furniture trends for 2024. It proposes them stained and lacquered and dedicates each of them to a village in Italy. The aim is to recall its energy, lifestyle and hospitality.

Wood is a living material that loves interacting with other interior surfaces. The combinations become endless and stimulate creativity. For this reason, our colour experts combine 24 colour trends of 2024 for wood with 4 metal shades and 4 special contemporary effects on glass.


Colour trends

According to Renner Italia, the interior 2024 will focus on the construction of comfort zones with warm and cosy accents, reflecting the miracle of villages: the respectful embrace of the community of people in benign nature. Know-how, tradition, Mediterranean lands are hegemonic notes.

The design thinking

Coating lends visual identity to surfaces.

Coating is the physical interface of design thinking.
Aesthetics is the design thinking offered by Renner Italia to those who are looking for solutions to create / innovate / position the identity soul of their brand and of their production.

In order to position the brand, it is necessary to differentiate your own manufacture.

By means of Aesthetics colour studies,
Renner Italia

  • offers trend-related visual solutions
  • provides finishes that enhance surfaces, without altering them
  • lends the physicality of colour to ideas
  • inspires design thinking

At Renner Italia
we are convinced that colour trends
derive from styles and behaviours
that are already in place

A continuum of macro scenarios determined by economic, anthropological, social and geographical laws. The boundaries between mood and colour are fluid and permeable within a long time frame.

We have to grasp, read and interpret them.

Aesthetics project by Renner Italia offers one or more moodboards for every solution proposed to companies, suggesting new aesthetic proposals through:


colour charts

combinations of surfaces enhanced by our coatings

Replicability: creative without limits

Renner Italia coatings for interior are created to enhance, protect furniture and make it last over time. They offer endless aesthetic solutions, special effects and colours (RAL, NCS, Color System, etc.).They are elegant and velvety, light and wear resistant.
No limits to interior designers creativity, thanks to replicability of effects.

How we realise
colour studies

Renner Italia suggests combinations and ideas
for the interior design through colour studies
that come from

  • the wealth of knowledge derived from direct and daily contact with major international furniture brands (development of innovative products; analysis of bestseller finishes; etc.)
  • the intense scouting of materials (also different from wood) and in-depth study of production processes (development of moodboards)
  • the presence of our team of experts at the most important international design events to record trends and new ideas
  • the contamination of our team with different expressions of beauty (art; architecture; etc.)

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