Naturance. Ultra matt shield for the interior design

6 April 2023

The invisible shield for interior design wood

Naturance is the ultra-matt invisible shield for furniture, stairs and claddings. L’estetica naturale di questo sistema di protezione è la soluzione definitiva per chi desidera mantenere inalterato l’inarrivabile fascino del legno. Naturance è il sistema di verniciatura che, grazie alla più avanzata tecnologia dei laboratori Renner Italia, può soddisfare ogni specifica esigenza.

  • It is resistant to detergents, cleansers, make up products
  • It prevents the danger of dirt, dust, grease, drinks such as coffee and wine
  • It shields from the solar radiation
  • It is not affected by fingerprint, foot traffic, abrasion, scratches

Anti-scratch and nail-polishing resistant at a higher level

The value of Naturance system can be understood through its superior anti-scratch features and its nail-polishing resistance. In fact, traditional natural effect coatings tend to be affected by engravings, scratches and greases settling. In other words, they do not resist to daily wear. Thanks to exclusive hi-tech resins, Naturance is a super strong protective veil, enhancing the natural beauty of wood.

Relax: it is easy to apply

Naturance coating systems make the activity of the user easier. In fact, traditional coatings ensure a natural effect only if applied by spray gun precisely respecting the grammage. The user can relax thanks to innovative Naturance system: the natural effect is indipendent from the quantity of applied coating.

Sustainability: bio-based formula

Naturance, as all other Renner Italia solutions, do not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals. Furthermore, Naturance together with bio-based resins reduces CO2 emissions into atmosphere and participates, with your production, to battles against climate change.

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