Exclusive metal hydro-oils

9 November 2021

Exclusive metal effect hydro-oils for exterior and for interior

Gold, silver and copper cover with contemporary luxurious veil every wood grain. Along with a refined see-through effect, never seen before.

Water-based oils of Trinity range enlighten wood without hiding it. They do not cover floorings, furniture and structures as the old metal effect lacquers did. If anything, these products enhance biological features of wood, with original brightness traceries, from which beautiful grains and knots come to light. The final aesthetic result, offered by Trinity range, calls to mind the incomparable art periods of Italian Middle Age and Renaissance. At that time, the masters of the studios used gold leaves to represent the irreal perfection. In doing so, they covered the wooden boards. Nowadays, the innovative metal shades of Trinity hydro-oils redefine the ideal of wooden uniqueness, as they show all its beauty on the surface. It’s an irresistible lure for architects, who want to try their hand at a boosted material in seduction and technical possibilities. This in an exclusive product range, created to allow the designers to express their creativity, by giving at the same time a unique touch to the woodwork.

Gold, silver and copper

Out to conquer the outdoors.

Trinity range is conceived to decorate and protect wooden objects, in particular outdoors. The chemical features make these hydro-oils particularly resistant to UV rays. Metal pigments are very effective in fighting the damages, caused by UV radiation. Nevertheless, Trinity oils are perfect also to use over furniture, complementary furnishing and indoor wooden floorings.

Three base colours, an endless colour chart

There are three base metal colours, from which it is possible to obtain endless shades, by means of simple and speedy blends, which can also be obtained by means of volume.


A traditional proposal, in pursuit of a sophisticated and royal effect. The final result turns out to be extremely sough-after if matched with lacquered and natural bright colours. It is majestic if contrast with black. Surprising when found outdoors.


A warm colour, interpreting the topic of preciousness in a contemporary and trendy way. It can lead on to industrial style, matched with natural dark and intermediate colours.


Silver is the elegance, which can lead on to charcoal grey urban style, if well blended. It is enhanced if matched with natural wood and lacquered neutral and desaturated colours.

Main advantages of trinity range

As all other Renner Italia hydro-oils, Trinity range is easy to apply and helps gaining time and reducing effort.

Trinity oils can be catalysed with 4% of YC M402 to boost the chemical and physical resistances, thus allowing to gain three main advantages. Trinity oils can be applied in two speedy coats, suggested indoors and mandatory outdoors. They can be applied by means of brush, roller or spray gun (also vertical application). They are suitable for automatic industrial coating lines. Trinity metal effect oils can boast a customizable and limitless colour chart, thanks to addition of the iron oxides for exterior EY M470 and the stains for interior TY M003. Trinity solutions are also attentive to nature. Water-based formulas reduce VOC emissions and are odourless.




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