Double Guard System

Advanced protection of window and door thanks to hybrid and niso coatings

hail-resistant technology

20 June 2024

Up to


years warranty

Two formulas, one goal
The maximum durability outdoors

Double Guard System is the innovative coating system combining
wood stains and basecoats of Hybrid range and isocyanate-free topcoatsandhardeners Niso Exterior 2K System

The combination of the most advanced technologies in the field of outdoor resistance, developed by the Renner Italia laboratories, makes Double Guard System the ultimate value proposition for window and door manufacturers.

This exceptional coating system, applied in accordance with the guidelines of the Blue Shield Protection programme (, is guaranteed for up to 15 years on wood and wood/aluminium windows, shutters, front doors and garage doors.

Five advantages
top of the range

15 years warranty.

Double Guard System is designed to provide maximum outdoor resistance to degrading agents such as sunlight, rain, humidity and smog.

Hail resistance*.

Hybrid Pro wood stains of Renner Itala represent the synthesis of water and solvent technologies. Choosing Hybrid Pro also means choosing wood stains with improved hail resistance. Hybrid Pro drastically reduces the risk of peeling near hail cracks. This is a result of the super adhesion of these wood stains. Using Hybrid Pro wood stains does not mean zero damage. However, it does reduce the potential for coating peeling near the crack. Hybrid Pro wood stains make any restoration job easy.

Easier application.

All products of Double Guard System are extremely fast drying. Hybrid Pro wood stain is synonymous with strong adhesion even in extremely humid conditions, does not fear wood instability, prevents fibre lifting and prepares the substrate for the application of isocyanate-free topcoats.

Attending the training of diisocyanates worker? Not necessary.

Niso Exterior 2K System is the coating programme that does not require a training of diisocyanates workers. Choosing Niso Exterior 2K System topcoats and hardeners means complying with regulations and making life easier. And, of course, access to the highest standards of durability and aesthetics by Renner Italia.

More safety, less restrictions.

Niso Exterior 2K System products have less occupational health and safety restrictions: they don’t contain flammable, corrosive and toxic components. That’s why they have labels with reduced warnings.

*Renner Italia warranty programme does not cover damages as a result of hail events.

The coatings of
Double Guard System

White wood stainYM—S050/–C02
Top Quality white wood stainYM—M097/–C02
Top Quality neutral wood stainYM—M097/–NTR
White intermediateYL—S055/–C02
Neutral intermediateYL—S055/–NTR
White thixo basecoatYL—S255/–C02
Neutral basecoatYL—S255/–NTR
TopcoatYO-xxC380 + diisocyanate-free hardener YC—M410
Neutral wood stainYM—L226/–NTR with harmonizing color formula
Wood stain for natural coating systemYM—M226/—–
Colorless intermediateYL—S155/—–
TopcoatYO-xxM380 + diisocyanate-free hardener YC—M410

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