Fuksas’ Cloud: Firewall fire retardant coatings protect a surface of 11.000 m2

26 October 2016

We revealed it last year on Firewall website. At the time, we have been optimistic about the works end. Firewall fire retardant coatings ensured safety and protection of Fuksas’ Cloud, the futuristic Conference Center in Rome. Next Saturday it will be launched wit the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

“Firewall fire retardant coatings ensure safety and protection of the internal and external surfaces of the Auditorium. The designer chose a black colour externally and a cherish colour internally. Our coatings also protected other surfaces of the Conference Center”, Luca Alimenti Firewall product manager said.


We call “Cloud” the Auditorium and its services. It has been called this way due to its original shape. The “Cloud” is connected to the “Showcase” (the whole glass, steel and stone building) through cantilevered boardwalks and the “Hull” (the main structure). The Auditorium is indipendent from the other conference activities.

Renner Italia’s wood coatings have been applied on 11.000 m2 of the whole Showcase. “The coatings we used – Luca Alimenti undelines – follow every fire prevention norm. We used the fire retardant catalysed base RAF ATB and the water-based bi-component catalysed finishing of RAF ATB range. This are top quality products and obtained the Italian class 1 classification according to UNI 9796 norm”. 

La notizia pubblicata nel 2014 sul blog Firewall

Works started in 2008 and ended on 30th June 2016. The huge building cost 239 millions euro according to Fuksas announcement.

“Renner Italia made its own contribution to Made in Italy architecture”, Luca Alimenti concludes.