A 8.000 sqm photovoltaic field on the roofs of Renner Italia

17 July 2023

Renner Italia production plants in Minerbio, in the province of Bologna, have long been powered by energy from renewable sources. We are therefore talking about hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass energy. A choice, ours, that should be seen in the context of an industrial policy that wants to play its part against climate change. With the expansion of the photovoltaic field on its roofs, Renner Italia now takes another step forward.

Nowadays on the roofs of Renner Italia industrial site there is a photovoltaic field of 8,000 sqm. This structure will produce more than 2.100.000 kWh per year, in terms of electric energy. A contribution that covers 40-45% of the company’s needs. The remaining 60-55% will of course continue to be supplied by 100% green energy.

Renner Italia view from logistics
8.000 sqm photovoltaic panels in Minerbio

Thanks to our photovoltaic field we save 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

To make our engagement tangible, consider that it is equal to 120 flights Milan – Palermo, 510 car travels around the Earth. Or, if you like, it is like planting 115,000 trees.

Milan - Palermo
0 Flights
around the Earth
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