Ten years of R5S: order and safety in the departments of Minerbio

19 June 2024

In 2024, the R5S program will be ten years old. In fact, it is since 2014 that at Renner Italia we have adopted the Japanese-inspired philosophy of creating and maintaining workplaces based on safety, beauty and efficiency. Every day at our industrial site in Minerbio, a team made up of 8 people, distinguished by a flashy orange shirt, works exclusively to maintain the order and decorum of all departments. The elements that make up the R5S team are always changing, on a biweekly basis. This is because each of us is called upon to do our part for an issue that affects everyone.

Let’s build a positive workplace together with R5S.

R5S is the project with which at Renner Italia we take care of our workplace. And that is: the space where we live most of the day. We all like to move in a pleasant context, employ well-maintained machines, find tools always in the right place… There is an important relationship between the appearance of places and those who frequent them. A tidy context is certainly a safer context. And safety always comes first.

But an ordered context is also a more pleasant context. It has to do with aesthetics. «Aesthetics» comes from the Greek aistesis and means «feeling». An ordered, beautiful, safe context produces positive feelings. And who doesn’t want to spend their time in such an environment? Positive feelings make our days more efficient and happy. Moreover, positive feelings are contagious.

The theory of the broken windshield

In 1969, Stanford University Professor Philip Zimbardo had two cars abandoned in two different areas: a run-down neighborhood in the Bronx and another, wealthy, quiet neighborhood in Palo Alto. The car in the poor neighborhood was vandalized in a short time, while the one in the affluent area remained undamaged. Then Professor Zimbardo had the windshield of the Palo Alto car broken. Within a short time the same dynamics recorded in the Bronx were repeated.

This experiment (there are others) shows that neglect and disinterest condition people’s relationship with place. Like ugliness and sloppiness, beauty and care affect everyone’s behavior. For the better.

R5S goals

At Renner Italia we wish to condition positively through beauty and attention. That is why since 2014, with the coordination of Toyota Academy, in our departments we have been putting into practice R5S, the program with which we achieve the highest levels of

  • SAFETY To reduce the risk of injury
  • BEAUTY To create a comfortable and happy working environment
  • EFFICIENCY The method allows you to be more precise, reduce time and optimize space
  • ECOLOGY With R5S we save resources and limit waste
  • EXCELLENCE The best products are born in an organized factory

What R5S stands for.

The letter R stands for Renner, while the expression 5S originates from the initials of the Japanese words that summarize the five steps of the methodology.

  • SEIRI . select
    We eliminate everything that is not strictly functional for the activity; we separate what is useful from what is disruptive
  • SEITON . organize
    We put everything useful in order; organizing things will enable them to be retrieved quickly
  • SEISO . shine
    Once order is achieved, we must maintain it through cleaning. Cleanliness does not hide inefficiencies and, for that very reason, allows us to eliminate them
  • SEIKETSU . standardize
    We define precise methodologies and constantly repeat them so that good behaviors become the rule
  • SHITSUKE . sustain
    We spread and share the model of thinking offered by 5S; we test and illustrate the benefits that will be useful to us and others