The new Even more social, even smarter

1 June 2013

[06.01.2013], the wood coatings gateway, changes its look. Time flies on the Internet. The new website paints the new web-design lines Renner-blue:  immediacy, minimalism, possibility to explore, interaction and surprises. 

Inside Renner Italia is the high-definition heart of this project. What stands behind a drop of Renner coating? Research and technology, of course. But also and most of all people. You cannot tell them apart? Well, then stick your nose to the screen (come closer, don’t be shy) and click on Inside Renner Italia to discover the faces of those who daily do their utmost to produce the best wood coatings. 

Renner is very very Social! It was before, imagine now. In this way, the horsy from Minerbio is always with you, wherever you are: from Facebook to Google+, from Flickr to YouTube, from LinkedIn to Twitter. Let’s not lose touch! Let’s share, let’s twit, let’s post, let’s “like”… and let’s not forget to pop round to the iRenner app with the download from the Apple Store. is always more integrated with iRenner: products’ datasheets and coating systems are very synchronized. A useful service most of all for the registered users. And since app rhyme with tablet and smartphone, discover the excellent readability of the website on all the devices

Have a good clicking on!