Silver Defence Additives, the multilingual catalogue is in the catalogue section

15 July 2013

[07.15.2013] The multilingual catalogue Silver Defence – Sanitising additives for water-based paints and solvents was published in the catalogue section (product menu). The flip-through catalogue is available in 15 different languages on the website or you can download it to your hard drive. 

The Silver Defence additives of Renner Italia transform the paints for wood into a formidable barrier against hygiene enemies.
The surfaces treated with coatings that contain Silver Defence additives are microbiologically shielded by special silver ions that effectively counter the proliferation of bacteria.
Ideal for environments with high hygiene standards such as dental clinics, restaurants, bakeries, swimming pools, saunas, children bedrooms, restrooms, etc. Silver Defence additives do not alter the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the vast range of paints and coating products made by Renner Italia, but rather complete and enhance them with extraordinary sanitizing power.