Safety in the workplace, Renner Italia equips itself with three defibrillators

15 January 2015

[01.15.15] Always concerned about the health of its employees, since the beginning of the year Renner Italia has equipped itself with three semiautomatic defibrillators. The importance of defibrillators in a workplace is self-evident when figures talk. Every day in Italy 70 workers suffer a cardiac arrest while they are at work. This datum accounts for the 5% of the total number of cardiac arrests. 13% of the deaths that occur in the workplace is due to a sudden heart attack. It has been estimated that with early access to a defibrillator the chances of survival after such a traumatic event increase from 5% to about 50%. As regards the Safety in the Workplace the Italian law (Law no. 81/2008) does not impose on companies to equip themselves with defibrillators. Companies have the sole responsibility of training the employees in first aid. In Renner Italia we think that a responsible company must consider the defibrillator as important as other safety tools. The worker is our main wealth. That’s why we have decided to do more than the law imposes, equip our plants in Minerbio (Bologna) with these valuable instruments and train our employees in using them. Finally, Renner Italia has donated a defibrillator to the local amateur sport association Granamica.