Renner Italia’s coatings refurbish Prendiparte tower, a Bologna medieval tower

5 June 2015

[05.06.2015] In these days, Renner Italia is working for the refurbishment of the ancient wood structures of thePrendiparte tower, in the city center of Bologna. The tower is almost 1000 years old and, even if it is not the highest, it offers one of the most fascinating panoramas of the city. It was built in the XII century by Prendiparte family, at the time one of the most ancient and rich, it is 60 mt high and it had walkways and galleries also outside.

Between ‘400 and ‘700, the tower was sold to the archiepiscopal refectory; it was used as seminary and, during the ‘700, as a prison for crimes against religion. Nowadays, the twelve floors of the construction are completely practicable and refurbished and it is possible to climb to the panoramic terrace to enjoy the city panorama. The most delicate and stressed parts are the wooden one, such as stairs and floors


Renner Italia decided to take on responsibility the refurbishment also following its own Ethical Code; that is the commitment in preserving the surrounding beauty.

Nowadays, Prendiparte tower is a wonderful B&B. In 2014, the most important touristic guide in the world, the Lonely Planet guide, evaluated this gorgeous medieval skyscraper for the third place in the special classification of the most incredible hotels in the world.

Prendiparte tower refurbishment works will be reported online soon.