Renner Italia is back online to dress up its corporate site

9 March 2010

[03.09.2010] A year following its latest restyling, Renner Italia is back online to dress up its corporate site, and re launch the smaller Rio Verde site (,

with a line of DIY products, Renner Italia satisfies customers' needs for more modern and captivating writing for their shoppe windows and display cases. And not just that. Renner Italia is a multi-national company that sets itself apart, in every field it is involved in, by its indefatigable work in innovation, research and development. Even in its online communication, Renner aims for first place, therefore it has devoted itself to developing tools that produce unlimited possibilities for interaction with the outside world. wants to offer online users more than just the chance to browse through its virtual product catalogue (for which we have recently added an online browsing application) to read news and updates, to view multimedia contents, or download tech specs, etc… will enter a broader circuit, which will include the most “in” social-media networks (such as YouTube and Facebook), in order to create an across-the-board communication conduit with our customers (in this case, with our Italian-speaking customers). The goal is to meet users' needs and to provide them with the tools they need. On, for example, we have published video-instructions for using our DIY products. The same clips have already been available on YouTube and Facebook. The web community has shown its appreciation for, and has made excellent use of, the tools Renner Italia puts on the playing field. 
Renner Italia – varnishes are just a click away.