Renner case, studied at Jönköping University

27 November 2020

Jönköping University is one of the most progressive academic centers in Sweden. It hosts 12,000 students, whose 2,400 come from across the ocean. It offers a huge number of programs and schools, such as School of Health and Welfare, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping International Business School and School of Engineering.


The service marketing department, led by professor Lucia Pizzicchini, asked Renner people to give a speech to the students to explain the so called “Renner phenomenon”, as an example of interesting market.


Giovanni Ciafrè, strategic marketing manager of the coating company, gathered Renner staff and started the intervention to explain Renner market evolution.

Giovanni Ciafrè, Renner Italia strategic marketing manager

Renner market case

Renner was born in 2004 and in such a short time (only 16 years) was able to become a strong and organized company, in a market already saturated, as other companies have been present since more than fifty years.


The speech was led by three different speakers: Giovanni Ciafrè, Luigi Benni – R&D laboratory manager – and Andrea Sissa – export sales manager. To understand Renner case, it is important to figure out how these three people and their teams work in synergy to produce and satisfy the specific needs of the clients.


The speech started with Giovanni Ciafrè’s company introduction: mission, vision and turnover evolution. Giovanni Ciafrè’s speech continued, analyzing which are the critical success factors that allowed this company to become such competitive and valuable in a market led by companies, which did have already sixty years of experience in the field of wood coatings.


Renner has always been focusing on giving the best service to the client. Andrea Sissa explains it perfectly when he talks about the meaning of the word “service”. “To serve” comes from Latin “servitium”, which means slavery. Also, the word “client” comes from Latin “cliens” and means a person under the patronage of another one. Etymology of these words helps us understanding that the key to succeed in such a niche market is the service provided to the customer.


Andrea Sissa, Renner Italia export sales manager

But who provides such a service? People. Not for nothing, people are the main variable in service marketing.


But service does not only include technical and commercial assistance. Products are projected and created by R&D laboratory. When creating or modifying a new product, R&D laboratory thinks on how to give a good and customized service to the client. To organize customized services Renner people from different departments, work in synergy to create the most suitable product for the client, in order to give customized solutions to solve his/her problems.


The speeches of Giovanni Ciafrè, Luigi Benni and Andrea Sissa let the students understand how the three departments work in synergy. People from every department is consecrate to give the best service and create the value chain. This synergy and the people who are part of it are the main reasons why Renner case was possible.