Inauguration of Renner Spagna: our twin sister born to run

11 October 2010

[10.11.2010] The music from Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen was the soundtrack of the awaited baptism of Renner Spain Paterna (Valencia). Friday 8th of October, a day blessed by a beautiful sun and made even brighter by a presentation in Renner style.

Many customers have come from every corner of the Iberian Peninsula and have given attention and preference to a company germinated from Renner Italia and destined to play an important role in the Spanish sector of wood coatings.“ Born to run”, to say it with the words of Bruce Springsteen: “born with the idea to focus on quality and presence, to focus on products, punctuality and efficiency” said Manuel Siragna, export manager of Renner Italy and protagonist of the day.
"A variety of services that could no longer be separated from a fixed foothold in Valencia. Our response to the asphyxia of the market is the birth of Renner Spagna SLU” – added Siragna -. “Renner Spagna now wants to put the foundations to become a national leader in wood coatings. Our company is able to offer to a market dependent on the traditional products, even the best of new water based technologies."
On stage, welcoming our guests, Renner Italia’s CEO, Lindo Aldrovandi, who mentioned the figures of Jesus Rubio and Isidro Rendondo.
“To me this is a revival of strong memories of twenty years ago” – Aldrovandi confessed with a little emotion -.I am going back with my memories to the beginning of the nineties when a wonderful relationship started with the men who were driving an ambitious Spanish company”.
Along with Paco Carillo, in the audience on Friday, Isidro and Jesus Rubio Rendondo contributed to sowing the seed of Renner Spain. Unfortunately, they have disappeared a few years ago. “Paco – has told Aldrovandi – I am convinced that Jesus and Isidro are here among us, they smile and look with pride to the birth of Renner Spagna which  is also the result of their and your work. I think it is a duty to stop and remember the men without whom we would not be here today. Among other things, Jesus Rubio now has another reason to be proud because his son , Chus, is one of the strongholds of the new adventure."
On his own, Chus Rubio, who was visibly moved, on behalf of his colleagues Marcos Fuentes, Xavier Barroso and Paco Cuallado, wanted to highlight the great human qualities that are the glue between the various components of the Renner Group, in all latitudes.
Manuel Siragna had to replace the presentation back on track. First of all, he has listed a series of data about Renner Global Alliance and Renner Italia. Then, he reviewed the achievements of Renner Italy in Spain since 2004. Finally, Siragna outlined the guidelines for the next three years. The day ended with the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony (see picture) and a visit to the plant.