In Prost?jov today water based wood coating for exterior

9 April 2013

[04.09.2013] Among all Renner Italia team business appointments scheduled for today, we point out the conference regarding waterbased varnishing cycles for exterior which is taking place today a few hours away from Prost?jov, an important location in the region of Olomouc in the Check Republic. In the conference room of the Hotel Tennis Club, our chemist Mr. Carlo Zagano, our export manager Mr. Manuel Siragna and our Technician Mr. Domenico Colotti are showing the excellence of Renner Chemistry.

This is not only an overview about the top cycles of the Aquaris range, tested with the well-known World Wide (15 years guarantee) and Ever Summer (10 years guar antee on windows and shutters) projects but it is also a study on on all aspects concerning the challenges of varnishing  wood windows frames in the central European regions.

60 producers of windows for exterior are attending the conference together with our Check and Slovak distributors: HS Variant, Mkupr, Valum Pro and MLB.

Renner Italia tour in Check Republic on waterbased varnishing cycles for exterior will continue this coming thursday 11th of April in the beautiful location of Starý Smokovec, very popular place in Slovacchia for Skiing and mountain landscapes. This convention will be organized by ALK, our local distributor.

In the picture right , Miroslav Zapletal (Testing institute for windows and doors Zlin) speaking during the conference.

Below, a few windows frames producers attending today’s conference.