Earthquake: Renner Italia donates 10.000 euros to the Italian Red Cross

31 August 2016

[31.08.2016] Renner Italia donates 10.000 euros to the Central Italy earthquake victims and supports the Italian Red Cross. Since 24th August, the Italian Red Cross has sent its 500 humanitarian workers to Amatrice and Accumoli, Pescara del Tronto, Arquata del Tronto. In coordination with the Italian Civil Protection Department, the Italian Red Cross has:

  • set up two field kitchens;
  • set up an advanced medical post) in order to support the local first aid;
  • send psychological support teams and special assistance, dog support units, doctors, nurses and logistical support; 
  • set up reception centers and distribution of basic supplies;
  • organised dozen of ambulances, vans, off-road vehicles, materials and equipment in order to face the emergency.

«We support the Italia Red Cross work in order that our donation arrives at its destination through this serious, trained and important humanitarian organisation. We wish that our drop could help this suffering people», Lindo Aldrovandi, Renner Italia CEO declared.