Città di Minerbio cycle rally, the third edition is sponsored by Renner Italia wood coatings

10 February 2014

[10.02.2014] Everything is ready for the third edition of “Città di Minerbio” cycle rally. The sport event, promoted by “Due Torri”, an amateur cycling association of Bologna, under the aegis of the sport association “Uisp”, is valid for the “Trofeo Renner”, whose final phases will take place in December. In the morning of Sunday 19th October the cycling race will engage, as always, five hundred competitors in a 65 km itinerary.
From Bologna to Minerbio and return. A break is scheduled at our plant in Via Ronchi inferiore 7.

Renner Italia wood coatings confirm themselves as sponsor of the association“Due Torri”, that has always been engaged in the promotion of cycling in social field, without forgetting the athletes with disabilities.