Business Energy: Renner’s experience with La Repubblica A&F

29 October 2015

Yesterday, the travel “Energia d’impresa” (business energy) organized by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica landed in Bologna at Palazzo d’Accursio. During the meeting “Esperienze concrete e soluzioni efficienti per la crescita delle aziende italiane” (Concrete experiences and solutions for Italian companies growth), they talked about companies potential and real possibilities of energy saving.

The guests of the night were Virginio Merola mayor of Bologna, Gianpiero Calzolari President of Granarolo, Andrea Canetti manager of the Energy and Environment department of Confindustria Ceramica, Andrea Segré President of CAAB and Wladimiro Boffelli manager of the Quality, Security and Environment department of Renner Italia.

First of all, Wladimiro Boffelli showed the characteristics of the energetic savings in the pay check, Renner Italia’s initiative distributes to its employees all the energy wastes savings.

Secondly, the mayor of Bologna showed the experience of the energetic efficiency in the public sector, encouraging companies to act like the group buying already existing in the city.

Then, Gianpiero Calzolari illustrated the peculiarities of its group of cooperatives whom production sites have been supervised in order to constantly improve energetic efficiency.

Andrea Canetti focused on the huge parafiscal obligations on the energy invoices paid by all the industrial sectors, in particular, the ceramic one, the most energy-consumptive.

Finally, the President of CAAB, Segré, brings his experience of a structure energetically independent thanks to the construction of a photovoltaic installation of 14MW, projected with Italian subsidies.