2010 Italy Agents Meeting 2010: News from the Big Event

13 February 2010

[02.13.2010] The final credits for the 2010 Renner Italia Agents meeting ran over the heartfelt hug between C.E.O. Lindo Aldrovandi and President Alexandre Cenacchi. A gesture that, on a symbolic level, translates to a powerful image of chemistry within the industry, from a strictly human point of view.  It immortalises the affection that connects these two men, and which has done so for decades.  Co-pilots, these two, along with Marcelo Cenacchi and the Cocchi family, on the wonderful journey of this multi-national corporation born in Minerbio.  For the sixth edition of the meeting, the curtain fell with the Até logo, or rather, a “see you in Brazil” in 2011.  Accepting the football challenge launched by the commercial manager for Italy, Luigi Maestrami, Alexandre Cenacchi committed himself to hosting the sales team from “the Boot” on the playing field of the sister company Renner Sayerlack SA.  For having reached the ambitious 2010 budget target, the agents will fly to Sao Paulo for the 2011 meeting, and to meet the most important wood-varnish production and sales unit on the South-American continent.  Bologna's Hotel Savoia Regency – “bedecked” for the occasion in Renner blue (see photo) – made for an elegant backdrop for the two-day event.  Over the course of the meeting, C.E.O. Lindo Aldrovandi, went over the market-segment numbers (Source: Databank).  In 2009 Renner Italia once again made progress.  And furthermore: Renner, among the big names in Italian chemistry for wood varnish, is the only company to have increased its gross sales (+4%), and to have kept its production more or less steady (approximately 12,000 tonnes).  On that ring, sounded loudly by the crisis, the company would already clink its glasses.



While recognising the efforts of all key players (present were employees, agents, technicians, executives, the owners) for the 2009 season, Aldrovandi looked toward the future, already focussed on how to take advantage of the opportunities in 2010.  “We estimate a 10% increase in gross sales”, held the C.E.O., “An objective that is within our reach.  While some of our competitors are dealing with corporate restructuring, cuts and amortisation, Renner Italia is investing in research, development and communication.  And if up until now we have played with heart, competitive spirit and generosity, now we will introduce some new items”.  Aldovrandi avails himself of sports metaphors.  But this time, he sets aside his passion for cycling and uses football slang.  “We have, by now, acquired the skills and mentality of technical football players.  No longer the sweat and lungs of the midfield players, but class, game vision, and the numbers of trequartisti”.  And here then are some of the arrows in the bow of Renner Italia. The sales director, Luigi Maestrami, announces a number of upcoming items.  First, the presentation of a number of agents who, during the course of the previous year, decided to bid farewell to the competitors' teams in order to shore up the ranks of Renner Italia.  Then, the announcement for the Rio Verde prize contest entrusted to product manager Elisa Khayam: “We have decided to put thousand of prizes 'up for grabs' for customers who purchase our DIY varnishes in Italy.  GPS systems, petrol coupons, breathalysers, car sunshields.  Furthermore, we will continue to focus on an audience that brings with it a strong demand for DIY items”.  So the projects that met with unequivocal success in 2009 are reconfirmed: a dvd with a video instruction manual to give to customers for every Rio Verde purchase, and the display in a Rio Verde corner, with multi-media display case, inside the best DIY and hardware stores in Italy.  “DIY is gaining ground in this country”, noted Khayam, “And a recent IPSOS survey proves it.  This has happened because during hard times Italians tend to save, and to handle small home repairs on their own, but also because 'do-it-yourself' has become a veritable philosophy for the green lifestyle”. 
From the Rio Verde campaign, “Life made simpler.  To win!” to the new strides in the communication field is a short step.  First off, the Rio Verde “mini site” at www.rio-verde.it, which published the contest rules, and where one can view the campaign's characteristics.  Then, the restyling of the official website,  www.renner2016.altraformacomunicazione.it.  But Renner has not forgotten traditional media, and has in fact launched “Renner Style”.  Not just a company magazine, “Renner Style” is a publishing product born with the ambition of building a bridge between the Minerbio plants and the world of ecology, industry, and even of the performing arts.  Finally, to the chemists from the Roberto Carrelli and Alessandro Nanni laboratory goes the honour of closing out the Bologna event with the latest news in research.