Young Entrepreneurs of Unindustria Bologna met Lindo Aldrovandi

30 June 2016

[30.06.2016] Young entrepreneurs of Unindustria Bologna met Lindo Aldrovandi. Under the hot weather of Emilia-Romagna, fifty enterprising actors of the industrial bolognese life wanted to share their experiences with Aldrovandi.

Along with the President Enrica Gentile, Unindustria’s entrepreneurs has given a look to the places in which made in Italy hi-tech coatings born, but above all, to what is inside a can of Renner coatings. Not just the best International chemistry, but also a totally ethic approach to the work.


Renner Italia’s Labour Relations Manager Wladimiro Boffelli, guided Renner’s guests through the industrial plant, underlining history and numbers of the company. An innovative industrial experience.

Lindo Aldrovandi made his wishes to all the young entrepreneurs “for a success founded on the passion for one of the most beautiful jobs in the world: the entrepreneur. But also on the attention to the themes of work and society.”