Work in progress for the new logistics of Renner Italia’s wood coatings

25 July 2014

[07.25.2014] Work in progress. A revolution in Renner Italia’s logistics: a new, modern 5.000 sqm big warehouse in Renner Italia’s plant in Minerbio, close to Bologna. The structure will be operative from March 2015 to respond with even greater efficiency and rapidity to the growing requests of Renner Italia’s wood coatings coming from all over the world. As big as a soccer field, the new warehouse will host the storage of end products, both water based and solvent based. The building will have a capacity of 5.000 tons of coatings and will be equipped with 30 trolleys able to move up to 10.000 pallets. Thanks to the agreement with Axpo, the new logistics of Renner Italia will be supplied only with electric energy from renewable sources.

Moreover, in order to optimize the use of natural sources, through a specifically designed drainage system, rain water will flow into the tank of the fire-fighting structure of the close-by plant for the production of solvent-based wood coatings. The total investment for the new logistics of Renner Italia sums up to almost 5.000.000 Euros.

«The implementation of the warehouse is a milestone in the growth of our Company – declares the CEO Lindo Aldrovandi -. Ten years after its foundation, thanks to the extremely positive response of the market and in prevision of future scenarios, we needed to widen our premises in order to satisfy the requests coming, in particular, from foreign counties».

It is possible to follow the work progress on directly from the home page by clicking on “New Logistics 2015”. The frames will be updated every minute.