Wood Coatings with an Italian heart. The new Renner campaign

14 October 2013

[14.10.2013] "Paints for wood have an Italian heart". The Renner Italia heart is beating quickly with the approach of 2014, the year in which the Minerbio company will be celebrating its first ten years. They have been ten memorable years in which Renner Italia, from a fledgling company with an Italian chemical background, rapidly asserted itself amidst the big players of the wood paints sector. 
With its heart, intelligence and passion for people, Renner Italia has succeeding in building a company able to withstand the economic crisis and has engaged in a wide range of business areas: from the laboratory to production, from packaging to shipments, from administration to sales …
And clearly visible in the faces of the men and women that make up the Renner Italia team is the added value of the wood paints with an Italian heart.
The new media campaign, with its preview in the financial section of the online newspaper Resto del Carlino on 30 June of this year seeks to be transparent and to recount Italian stories. 
From Maurizia, a young laboratory chemist that decided to believe in her country and to carry out research in an Italian company, to Salvo, in charge of packaging, that continues to return to his beloved Sicily to spend holidays with his family. Then there is Manuel, karate world champion, engaged in quality control.
No special effects. No false advertising. Only faces and Italian stories  Because every day at Renner Italia we show our faces and our hearts to give colour and protection to the items that fill your lives.