is born, Renner Italia’s fire retardant coatings are now online

10 September 2014

?[09.10.2014] Renner Italia has just released the new minisite, and with it, the  the new deal of its fire retardant coatings.  Right from the home page, the users can  see the autoplay of the spot of the Firewall  range. “Imagine. Formulate. Experiment. Produce.  There are infinitely many ways to project the world and just one big imperative: safety”.

The  footage shows Renner Italia’s  chemists and  workers  formulating and producing coatings for the anti-fire safety. The site is developed around this  video, and it proposes four additional clips : interviews to commercial and lab experts. But is  mainly an instrument for architects and professional painters. The section “Products” reintroduces coating systems  suitable for to pavements,  walls and  cellings, with a direct link to the certifications obtained from Renner Italia. Through the section “Conformity” the user can  fill in the application certificate and obtain “declaration of conformity”. The  “Faq” page,  i.e. the frequently asked questions Firewall professionals will give immediate answers to, can’t be missing. is only the last star  in Renner Italia’s web-sites galaxy: stay tuned, new surprises are coming.