Uv Defender Extreme Protection, the top quality topcoat for the private customer is born

15 January 2014

[01.15.2014] UV Defender Extreme Protection, the water based topcoat which builds an impenetrable barrier against the mo

st damaging sun rays, i.e. UVA/UVB rays is now available in the best hardware, DIY and paint stores.  UV Defender Extreme Protection is the coating for the hobbyist and the wood craftsman that Renner Italia’s Laboratory has created to prevent wood-greying and wood degradation in general.
This professional and highly technological product is born from the research that Renner Italia’s chemists have been developing for the best window frames and garden furniture. Thanks to UV Defender Extreme Protection, the aesthetic and anti-UVA/UVB Rays performances that the producers of windows, shutters, gazeboes, cottages, balconies and wood panelling require are now available to the private customers.

Apply two or three coatings of UV Defender Extreme Protection on manufactured products, already impregnated, for exterior and the wood will be protected not only from the degradation caused by solar radiation, but also from the erosive action of water!
UV Defender Extreme Protection is a Top Quality product of the Rio Verde range of Renner Italia.