If you want to create
valuable paints
you must put value
in those paints.

Renner Italia produces the most trustful, modern and innovative coatings. But this is not enough for us.

Above all, our coatings are formulated according to ethical principles. There is a whole worldview inside each can of our coatings. Most of all, we are interested in people growth, honesty of opinions and behaviours and sense of responsibility. Our Renner Italia not only wants to create value for the brand but also fights to distribute this value to the people and the environment.

With Renner
Global Alliance
our coatings travel
around the world

In every headquarter you can find a huge selection of coatings and every plant is equipped with it own centres of research and development, production, distribution, services and technical assistance.

Renner Italia is the heart of Renner Global Alliance, a worldwide network that can satisfy any request of the market. Ten countries host production and distribution plants of Renner Global Alliance. The productive plants of Renner Global Alliance totally cover 320.000 m2 (105.000 of which are indoor). The productive potential of the whole Alliance exceeds 170.000 tonnes of coating products. Within Renner Global Alliance, Renner Italia operates on the European and Asian markets. Furthermore, Renner Italia is the coordination centre of Alliance worldwide strategies

The dimensions of a company can be measured on the depth of its own principles, on the size of its responsibilities and the quality of its dreams. Renner Italia has got the value of the people that every day work for its growth.” Alexandre Cenacchi, President of Renner Italia Spa

Alexandre Cenacchi, presidente Renner Italia Spa

The Renner
Herrmann Group

Renner Italia is also part of the group Renner Herrmann S.A.
After almost 100 years from its foundation, Renner Herrmann Group has now an international dimension with diversified industrial interests.
Renner Herrmann S.A. was established in Brazil, in Porto Alegre, its current headquarter. They started working on the formulation and production of wood coatings and, which is nowadays the main business of the group. Today, Renner Herrmann S.A. is involved in the fields of metal packaging, reforestation, milk derivative production, furniture and lumber industry, with 2000 employees all over the world.

With 10 industrial plants located in 6 countries and a distribution channel expanded in 67 nations, the Renner Herrmann S.A. companies are well-known for the undeniable quality and also for the ecological sustainability of those products.

Made in Italy hi-tech wood coatings


Coatings for metal and plastic

International reference for wood coatings

Highly performing anticorrosive coatings
Modern metal packaging
Environmentally friendly furniture
Transforms dairy whey into opportunity