Tenth Anniversary, an unforgettable evening. Aldrovandi: future founded on the dignity of work

21 December 2013

[12.21.2013]  «Some say that the future does not exist, the future must be created. The future that we created 10 years ago we founded on the dignity of labour. Our commitment, 10 years later, is still true to itself, to lead the company with the aim of ensuring no-one savours the bitter taste of unemployment and to instil pride in being part of Renner Italia. My choices have always been dictated by this commitment which for me is a point of honour. I feel a strong responsibility to defend the progress of Renner Italy and the certainty of work for everyone. It's my way of saying thank you 10 times over. It's my way of ensuring that the flame of ten years ago continues to light up the future of Renner Italia». With these words, the CEO of Renner Italia, Lindo Aldrovandi, closed an exciting speech on a high note, underlined by the two minutes of applause from those 650 invited to the exclusive party for the Tenth Anniversary.


Friday 20 December will remain an evening etched in the memory of all. The event started with the fine words of President of Renner Italia, Alexandre Cenacchi, and Director General of Renner Sayerlack, Marcelo Cenacchi, who wanted to state their support, appreciation and confidence in the CEO.

The evening continued with Vice President of Renner Italy, Alberto Cocchi, comparing Aldrovandi to the extraordinary figure of Adriano Olivetti. Cocchi also welcomed the initiative "An extra pay packet against the crisis". 
Aldrovandi's words struck his audience: «You see  – said the CEO –  whoever leads a company, especially if they are lucky enough to see it grow, even though they may seek to avoid it, risks distancing themselves from the points of view of the people he works with every day. I have never forgotten what it means to live in a family in which you await payday with trepidation, in which you have to tighten your belts and roll up your sleeves every day. And the dismissal of ten years ago brought me back to when, in 1980, I started working as a labourer and I could not have imagined then that one day all this would happen».
What has happened at the end of 2013 is a company that has expanded across the entire industry, a company born in times of crisis but which now knows nothing of crisis. On the contrary it is growing continuously. The year will close with an increase in turnover of about 15% (touching 80 million euros) and an extra reward for each employee that will correspond to two months' wages.
«Ours was and is a passionate inspiration, contagious and visionary», admitted Aldrovandi.
Words that touched the hearts of the employees especially, visibly moved. 
Words that were also appreciated by Unindustria Bologna which, through its director general, Tiziana Ferrari, wanted to reward Aldrovandi with a plaque recognising the great worth of the Bologna entrepreneur. 
The press too were very interested in the singularity of the Renner phenomenon, with a large contingent of journalists representing Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, Il Resto del Carlino, Rai, Ansa, L'Espresso, Il Venerdì of La Repubblica, Dire press agency and Radio Città del Capo.

Today Renner has instead opened its doors to the traditional meeting of the Italian sales force. In the conference centre at the Savoia Hotel Regency, the excellent figures for 2013 have been analysed and strategies for 2014 have been elucidated. 
Among other things, the new head of the Firewall line of fire-retardant coatings of Renner Italy was also presented. He is Luca Alimenti who has prepared a number of initiatives for the coming year to bring a breath of fresh air to the important fire-resistant coatings sector.