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Coatings for valuable nautical furniture

8 February 2021

Coatings making furniture of luxury yachts unique

To guide the choice of the dreams yacht, there is only one lighthouse. Beauty. Leading to a successful image and an unmatchable style.

Entrusting Renner Italia LUXURY FINISHING coatings with the visual identity means sailing in the ocean of high technology. Renner Italia coatings for yacht furniture are created to fulfill the needs of luxury. These products face the challenge of resistance to time, sun radiation and salt water. Above all, in the hands of designers, these topcoats become excellent tools to realise woodworks in which every detail is perfect. Yacht furniture is a valuable object. Coatings, that enhance it, must satisfy two requirements: make it unique and protect its value. Design must go beyond momentary fashion. Every designer tells a durable and unique story through the aesthetic result offered by LUXURY FINISHING coating systems.

Design coatings for precomposed veneer

Needless to say, Renner Italia research offers the best performing coating systems on fine woods of the shipbuilding tradition, such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony or wenge, even the humbler oak, unbeatable in satin or natural open pore coating systems. It’s a matter of coatings resistant to severe ageing, caused by to temperature sudden variations, predominant humidity, fierce radiation, looming threat of colour variation. LUXURY FINISHING is the special products range that not only covers classic materials with beauty, but also stands out on the complexity and fineness of precomposed veneers. These original surfaces may show critical aspects due to colour stability (both on dark and light woods), bubbling (pore irregularity), glue (between the sheets and between the sheets and the veneer). Precomposed veneers are becoming more and more popular in the nautical field, supported by the creative contemporary architecture.

Luxury finishing range

A range that includes solutions capable of protecting and indulging in the creativity of designers. These coatings can be easily applied and can fill deep, wide and irregular pores, make even the less compact substrates, prevent gloss loss and colour variation.

High gloss design

PE coating system

Thanks to the use of a special sealer, this coating system resists against the degrading action of light. It enhances the colour and the substrate texture. It maintains the gloss level over time.

FI N008 sealer

It wets and adheres to surfaces with precision. It brightens up the colours. Specifically created for precomposed veneers, typical of nautical manufacture. It prevents white pores formation as well as reduces to the minimum the loss of gloss level wherever the substrate is not very stable or it is subject to stressful environmental conditions. The application from 2 to 4 coats is recommended.

PL M006 basecoat

It ensures excellent of flow and transparency. It is resistant to the passing of time and maintains the gloss level over time.

JB M671 topcoat

It stands out for the very high gloss aesthetics, the ultra-fast drying and the high solid content. It grants excellent results even if applied in a warm and humid environment. Dilution is not necessary. A solution of AF M900 absorber (1-5%) can be added, to increase light fastness.

Matt design

Acrylic coating system

Superior performances in terms of resistance to light and to colour variation thanks to the use of a unique super product.

JO 03C489/UVABS self-sealer

Gloss level: 3 gloss. Particularly suitable for application by spray and+C42 curtain coater, even if applied directly on open pore. Depending on the specific needs, it can be applied in 1, 2 or 3 coats directly on bare wood. Interval between coats is from 1 to 12 hours.

WB – SB mixed coating system

Maximum resistance to light and to nail polishing. A minimalist design with great duration expectancy: the coating is there, it protects the substrate, but it is not visible.

YL R755 basecoat

Water-based product, that can be applied by spray gun and roller coater. It can be overcoated after 4 hours with solvent-based products. It accurately removes the wetting effect and gives the surfaces a exquisite natural effect.

JO 03C489/UVABS self-sealer
JO xxM100 topcoat

An amazing anti-nail polishing solution. It grants a high build and a strong barrier against yellowing or colour variations. Suitable for application by curtain coater, also on open pore. Available in 5, 10 and 90 gloss versions (the last one to be used as a binder).

EXTRA: in combination with JL M100 basecoat, JO xxM100 topcoat creates an acrylic toughened coating system.

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Luxury finishing – Coatings for valuable nautical furniture