Luigi Maestrami has passed. Renner Italia was his family

26 October 2014

Our Sales Manager has passed away

CEO Lindo Aldrovandi: «We have lost a dear friend»

Deep sorrow of the whole company. His colleagues thank him: «He deeply contributed to Renner Italia’s success»

Minerbio, 11.26.2014. Luigi Maestrami, Renner Italia’s Sales Manager, deceased at the age of 58 in the afternoon of Monday November 24th in Bologna. The contribution of Mr. Maestrami, one of the managers that immediately followed CEO Lindo Aldrovandi in the new business challenge in 2004 – has been decisive.

If Renner Italia is now Renner Italia, it is also thanks to Luigi Maestrami.
Profoundly bound to the values of tradition and convinced of the primary role of the production world over finance, Maestrami considered the Italian character of our company a source of pride.

His great personality had gained him affection and respect also far from the plants in Minerbio.
Over the last years he had managed the commercial network through the rough waters of the economic crisis of our country and had come off unharmed, showing once again his great management skills. He leaves a sales force that will keep honouring his professional role.
In his private life he had decided not to have durable relationships. He had married his job and Renner Italia had become his family.

To Luigi, a deeply felt “thank you” from all of us.