La Buona Vernice, 20.000 voters for the Renner Italia contest

20 July 2015

[20.07.2015] Almost 20 thousands voters so far: it is a great success for the first edition of this Renner Italia’s contest. An extraordinary participation and just over a month before La Buona Vernice closing. We wish to remind that you can vote until 12 pm of 1st September 2015 to chose the first 10 no profit association deserving the overall donation of 35.000 euros. So click, click and click! Also on the beach.

In the meanwhile, last Friday on the blog “La nuvola del lavoro” (by the post Vacanze, musica e stipendi doppi? Offre l’azienda (Giulia Cimpanelli) has been published. The article is about the new welfare agreement between Renner Italia and the employees trade union.