Great party tomorrow. Great italian press review today

19 December 2013

[12.19.2013] Everything is ready for tomorrow’s big event. An exclusive celebration for Renner Italia’s 10th Anniversary in Palazzo Re Enzo, in the heart of Bologna. 600 guests from all over the world will be attending the celebrations. The shareholding structure will be present, with Renner Italia’s President Alexandre Cenacchi, Renner Sayerlack’s General Director Marcelo Cenacchi and Renner italia’s board member Alberto Cocchi.

Above all, all Renner Italia’s employees will be attending.

Today, a great press review for Renner Italia. The newspapers Resto del Carlino, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and Sole 24ore dealt with the 10th Anniversary and gave the news of the second step of the initiative “One more salary against the crisis”. In 2014 Renner’s employees will bring home about  3.000 € more, thanks to the dividing of 15% of the company income and proceeds from energy savings. It is even more consistent a bonus than that received in 2013 (2.100 €). It is the result of the excellent performance of the company, which will close 2013 with a 15% raise of its sales volume (79.500.000 €)

«It seems like science fiction, considering the bleak landscape of the economic framework, but there’s also who is able to pay two salaries more to its employees in Italy. It happens in Emilia Romagna, at the company Renner Italia, specialized in wood coatings» Matteo Naccari writes today in the Economic section of Resto del Carlino.

«No doubt it is a good 10th birthday for Renner Italia – writes in “Repubblica” Marco Bettazzi-. Closing another record year, the company has calculated the bonus that its employees will receive this year […] and it is a good news, rare in this times, which will be a reason more to celebrate at the dinner party scheduled for tomorrow night in Palazzo Re Enzo».

«Renner celebrates its birthday and hands out a 15th month salary of 3.000 Euros» reiterates Marco Madonia on Corriere della Sera. “A Christmas gift of 3.000 Euros” is the title of the article by Ilaria Vesentina in Sole 24Ore.