From this year only electric energy from renewable sources for the production of Renner Italia’s coatings

30 January 2014

Renner Italia chooses clean energy. From the second half of 2014 the production of wood coatings in Minerbio will be supported only by electric energy from renewable sources.
The plants where the drums for industrial painters and the cans of the range Rio Verde are produced will be supplied only by hydroelectric energy, wind power, solar power, biomass. The green goal of Renner Italia is to reduce the polluting impact of the energy system and preserving the environment.

The company has applied for and received the G.O. (Guarantees of Origin) certification from Axpo. The Axpo Group has many years of experience in power generation from renewable sources through hydroelectric plants located in the Alps and the wind farms in Spain, Italy and Sweden.
The green option will be marked by the logo 100% Energia da Fonte Rinnovabile (100% Energy from Renewable Sources) through which Renner Italia will assert its stand. And possibly other plants will follow the example…


This policy based on environmental issue is definitely not a one-off. Since it was founded Renner Italia has been specializing in the production of waterbased coatings and constantly supports the research on waterbased products. Products with low emissions of volatile organic compounds that offer excellent performance in terms of resistance and aesthetics.
The very mission of the company reminds that in Renner Italia “we feel it is our duty to protect the ecosystem” because “we gaze in wonder at the beauty around us and we want to contribute to keeping it that way“.


A never hidden path that goes through Minerbio and links industrial growth and the respect for the environment. They go hand-in-hand round here.
Two years ago it was noticed also by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea who rewarded the company for the “Energy savings in the pay packet”. In 2012 Renner Italia was awarded the “Premio Impresa Ambiente 2012” (Business Environmental Award 2012), an award that the Italian Government grant to the companies that support sustainable development, respect for the environment and social responsibility.
Renner Italia was ranked first in the category “Best Management” for “creating a project that incentivizes the control of energy consumption, distributing to employees’ pay packets 50% of the savings achieved”.
Having won the Premio Impresa Ambiente, Renner Italia is now competing in the 2014 edition of the European Business Award for the Environment sponsored by the European Union.

100% CLEAN
In 2014 Axpo estimates a consumption of 3,000 MWh of electric energy in the production site in Minerbio. The certification G.O. obtained by Renner Italia is a new milestone on the road to sustainable development. For a business model far from the old ways.