Evergreen can reduces special wastes disposal

3 August 2017

Renner Italia’s Aquaris coatings have always respected people and nature. These coatings have low VOC emissions and extraordinary performances.

Today, Aquaris range is packed in Evergreen cans and waste disposal is reduced by 85%.
Packages in contact with coating are considered as special wastes and must be disposed of properly.

Evergreen is a tinplate can, lined with a high density polyethylene sheet. This very resistant material perfectly fits the body and the bottom of the can.
Once the can is empty, the dirty polyethylene sheet can be removed and disposed of properly. In this way, it is possible to recycle the clean can.
The dirty polyethylene sheet weighs about one-tenth of a tinplate can. Waste disposal costs are reduced by 85%.



Evergreen rhymes with Formaldehyde free

Renner Italia has decided to eliminate formaldehyde from its water-based coatings, aside from Italian regulations.

Formaldehyde can be found in the composition of resins widely used in the production of objects, coverings, glues, spray foams. Inside coatings, formaldehyde has always been useful for three reasons: antibacterial / anti-fermentation / anti-mould
Particular concentrations of this element may cause respiratory and eye irritation, especially in asthmatic or allergic individuals. In 2004, formaldehyde has been classified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Renner Italia’s coatings are eco-friendly

Renner Italia’s eco-friendly coatings

Renner Italia’s production plants Only work with green energy. Renner Italia’s plants are powered with hydroelectric, eolian, solar and biomass energy.