Coatings for exterior: is online with its warranties

27 September 2016

[27.09.2016] The new Blue Shield Protection website is now online. This is the exclusive warranty program for Renner Italia’s water-based coatings for exterior. is the website space dedicated to the best windows and doors manufacturers. This kind of objects deserve the most modern coating systems; for this reason they have chosen Aquaris by Renner Italia.




Doors and windows frames guaranteed Blue Shield Protection


  • Because technological coatings protect them against water infiltration, wind, hail, UV rays, smog.
  • Because Renner Italia’s water-based coatings preserve over time the natural beauty of the frame thanks to their chemical and mechanical resistance characteristics. With Renner Italia’s coatings, wood durability is no longer a problem.
  • Because Renner Italia’s water-based coatings eliminate maintenance labour and costs.
  • Because they are suitable for any space, classic or modern, urban or country: they satisfy the most demanding customers, thanks to a wide range of colours and special effects.
  • Because Renner Italia’s water-based coatings are nontoxic. They’re obtained from acrylic resins and do not harm nature or people. The quantity of volatile organic compounds they release into the atmosphere is irrelevant.
  • Beacause wooden windows and shutters painted with Renner Italia’s coatings can boast with important insulation properties and participate to energy costs savings of domestic heating.

Why you should register on


Through, the windows and doors producers can register to Renner Italia’s exclusive warranty program.

If they have chosen Aquaris by Renner Italia, they can get up to 15 years warranty on windows and up to 8 on shutters with the Top Quality2 project:

  • Standard
  • Top Quality (Ever Summer project)
  • Top Quality 2 (World Wide project)