Bio4Ever, Aquaris wood coatings meet and protect Accoya

23 May 2017

Bio4Ever is the new Rennerlab project in the complex field of water-based coatings for exterior.


An exclusive ageing test that will challenge four Aquaris range coating systems in order to protect Accoya’s woodThe project is developed in collaboration with  Cnr-Ivalsa.

The Italian National Research Council – Trees and Timber Institute has focused on the acetylated wood which coated with Aquaris water-based coatings for exterior will be more durable.

The Bio4Ever project in summary

Rennerlab processed 200 Accoya and Tricoya samples two Aquaris range stained systems and two lacquered systems. These 200 boards have been sent to the natural degradation Cnr-Ivalsa field in San Michele all’Adige (Trento).

Samples have been exposed on innovative solar tracker from Renzo Piano in order to obtain the maximum radiation stress.

Bio4Ever project will end on December 2018 when the studies led by Renner Italia and Cnr will be able to certify the test results.

Among the coating products used in the Bio4Ever project, we want to point out two bestsellers of the Aquaris range water-based coatings for exterior.

Rennerlab is always working to improve water-based coatings for exterior.

Water-based coatings for exterior

Colourless preserving stain emulsified with hydro-oil [YM—M099]

  • It reduces wood shrinkages and swellings
  • It penetrates inside wood fibres thanks to a formulation containing oil emulsified in water
  • It contains a specific blend of fungicides, active in a wide range of applications; it has been demonstrated effective against bluing and fungus
  • It reduces speckling and greying

Hybrid hydro-oil [YS—M300/–NTR]

  • It is a protective oil resins-based emulsified in water, formulated to resist outdoor conditions
  • It has excellent waterproof properties
  • It contains broad spectrum free radicals scavengers and UV absorbers that reduce coating surface and wood solar degradation
  • Thanks to its action, the coating film does not peel off but it wears out as an oil; in this way, it is not necessary to sand down before treatment renovation

Water-base Top Quality stained topcoat [YO-xxM390/–Txx]

  • This protective coating contains many UV absorbers
  • Thanks to its free radicals scavengers, it keepsthe film coating elastic over time and fights ageing effects

Aquaris Water-based coatings for exterior: the Elixir of life for wood

Accoya: the super wood

Accoya is a solid radiata pine wood harvested from sustainable fast growing forests. It provides an excellent dimensional stability and durability performances even superior to those of the best tropical hardwoods.

Accoya is the result of almost one century’s research. During these years, the acetylation process has been improved in order to make Accoya a super wood. Acetylation modifies hydroxyl radicals into acetyl groups, in a reaction between wood and acetic anhydride, an acetic acid derivative (we knows it as vinegar, in its diluted form). When the hydroxy group transforms into acetic group, wood water absorption is severely reduced; wood has a better dimensional stability and an excellent durability (since it cannot be attacked by enzymes).

For these reasons, Accoya can be used in any situation. From windows to furniture. From coverages to doors. From shading devices to decking boardwalks. From nautical science, to bridges and big structures…

Accoya is a natural insulation, extremely ductile, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

Limitless research

With Bio4Ever, Aquaris coatings  (up to 15 years warranty on doors or windows frame exposed outdoormeets Accoya (up to 25 years if underground), with the aim to go beyond their limits. Renner Italia’s researchers have always made rigorous, severe and unrivalled analysis. Each coating is analysed, tested and produced with a supreme aim: protect over time the beauty of wood coatings. For these reasons, Aquaris outdoor products provide the maximum aesthetics, durability and respect of the environment.

Over time, Renner Italia has collaborated with many important institutes in order to measure and certify natural ageing tests results. Among the most important we can mention:

With Bio4Ever, Rennerlab’s Limitless research makes an important step in the process started 12 years ago.