Ballarò turns the cameras on Renner Italia. Tuesday on RaiTre

11 October 2013

[11.10.2013] Today Renner Italia welcomed the cameras of Ballarò, the popular political talk show presented by Giovanni Floris on RaiTre, Italian public broadcasting channel. The service will be aired during next Tuesday’s programme on 15 October 2013. The journalist Marzia Hammer set out to have a better understanding of to what extent and how the tax wedge impacts on the pay packets of employees of a model company. The CEO of Renner Italia, Lindo Aldrovandi analysed the impact of taxes on the total cost of work. A real disadvantage for the Italian industry.
Moreover, the theme of the tax wedge in Italy is a very topical issue: the government has prioritised on the political agenda the dual objective of increasing the competitiveness of enterprises and the growth of house hold purchasing power. In summary: a reduction in the tax burden that in 2012 in Italy reached the average level of 47.6%! According to the OECD, it is the heaviest after Belgium (56%), France (50.2%), Germany (49.7%), Hungary (49.4%) and Austria (48.9%). In all those countries, however, where energy costs are much less, income taxes are lower, the welfare state is much more efficient and access to credit is much more straightforward.
At Renner Italia, the journalist Marzia Hammer also focused on the initiative “energy savings in the pay packet”.
Thus the appointment on Tuesday 15 October at 21.10 on RaiTre.