25.000 users on La Buona Vernice website for non-profit

9 May 2016

[09.05.2016] Engines are running and the Buona Vernice 2016 small airplane is gliding. A long-haul flight. From Japan to Peru, through USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Tanzania, Zambia. This corporate social responsibility initiative is being successful even beyond national boundaries, thanks to the 92 participating non-profit assocations’ supporters.

Connected from all over the world.

In additio to Italy, during the first week of vote, people connected to www.labuonavernice.it fron United States, Russia and Brazil. But also from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, New Zealand, Congo, Zambia, Mozambico, Madagascar… (from Google Analytics).

If we only consider Italy, the 10 most involved cities (in ranked order of connected users) are: Bologna, Milan, Rome, Forlì, Rimini, Cesena, Parma, Florence, Reggio Emilia and Naples.

Here are the numbers of La Buona Vernice:

Talking about numbers, in the first vote week 24.858 unique users visited www.labuonavernice.it (+21% compared with the first week of the previous edition. Even if candidates were only 76).

On facebook.com/renneritalia 4.000 new Like (Facebook Insights data). The vast majority of these likes comes from La Buona Vernice voting mechanism (if the user click on the Like button on Renner Italia’s Facebook page during the vote, he will get 2 more votes).

Thank you very much

Renner Italia wants to thank La Buona Vernice’s community who is showing appreciation and partecipation. A precious partecipation that helped oiling the wheels of our corporate social responsibility platform. Thank you very much.



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