The impossible is possible: the topic of the thirteenth Agents Meeting. Renner still in development in 2017.

The impossible is possible. This is the topic of the thirteenth Renner Italia’s Agents Meeting, which occurred last Friday and Saturday at Palazzo di Varignana (Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna). The impossible is possible, i.e an oxymoron evoked from a small masterpiece enshrined in the museum part of the resort. An eight millimeter grain of rice on which it is reproduced the Temple of the […]

8th-12th March Renner Italia’s wood coatings at Indiawood exhibition in Bangalore

Renner Italia’s winter 2018 dedicated to exhibitions. As announced, from 6th to 9th February hi-tech wood coatings will be present in Valenza at Fimma Maderalia exhibition. One month later, precisely from 8th to 12th March, Renner will fly to Bangalore for Indiawood exhibition.   Indiawood exhibition is a biennial wood exhibition among the most important in the world. Participants […]