Earthquake: Renner Italia donates 10.000 euros to the Italian Red Cross

[31.08.2016] Renner Italia donates 10.000 euros to the Central Italy earthquake victims and supports the Italian Red Cross. Since 24th August, the Italian Red Cross has sent its 500 humanitarian workers to Amatrice and Accumoli, Pescara del Tronto, Arquata del Tronto. In coordination with the Italian Civil Protection Department, the Italian Red Cross has: set up two field […]

Office closure. Renner Italia reopens on Monday 22nd August at 8.30 am

[05.08.2016] We wish you happy, colorful and regenerating holidays. Renner Italia closes for summer holidays. We will reopen for business on Mondays 22nd August at 8.30 am. As usual, we will read your communications sent to the e-mail address: 

La Buona Vernice, Cucine Popolari, Bologna got 10.242 votes and 15.000 euro

[01.08.2016] The project Cucine Popolari – Bologna Social Food has won the second edition of La Buona Vernice, winning the 15.000 euro donation. Also this year, La Buona Vernice thousands of people followed La Buona Vernice. Ninety-two socially-committed associations submitted their projects. Seventy-thousand users connected to from 1st May to 31st May to express their […]