Renner Italia coatings donate 35 trees to the Municipality of Minerbio

[10.27.2014] Renner Italia wood coatings always care about the environment. Last weekend the company has completed the planting of an uncultivated field owned by the Municipality of Minerbio, thus giving to the town 35 Poplar trees. Within two years this small wood will make this corner of the Po Valley a little greener.

Luigi Maestrami has passed. Renner Italia was his family

Our Sales Manager has passed away CEO Lindo Aldrovandi: «We have lost a dear friend» Deep sorrow of the whole company. His colleagues thank him: «He deeply contributed to Renner Italia’s success» Minerbio, 11.26.2014. Luigi Maestrami, Renner Italia’s Sales Manager, deceased at the age of 58 in the afternoon of Monday November 24th in Bologna. The contribution of […] Renner Group’s coatings in Poland

[10.13.2014] Autumn 2014: Renner Global Alliance reinforces its presence in a strategic country such as Poland. Renner Polska, the face of Renner Group in Poland, has born. Along with Vegan, Renner Polska will supply the Polish territory. Renner Polska will be supplying the center and the South of the country. Thanks to Renner Polska and Vegan […]