Antigraffiti Hydrodelete, the water-based stain-resistant topcoat

13 October 2020

The shield for all surfaces

Protect walls and wood in public and private spaces from vandalism

Increasingly often graffiti are no artistic expression, but a sign of rudeness and neglect. Antigraffti Hydrodelete topcoat is transparent, highly resistant to washing with solvents, which are capable of removing writings, tags, drawings from wood and walls, both situated inside or outside.

Antigraffti Hydrodelete/Aquaris code: YO XXM575, thanks to its formula, containing fluoride

// does not retain dirt
// resists to washing with solvents
// solidly adheres to substrates
// is flexible
// is permeable
// does not change in time
// contains UV absorbers

Antigraffti Hydrodelete makes the wall slightly whiter,
smoother and shinier while acting as a barrier against dirt and humidity.

Fields of application

The water-based topcoat Antigraffti Hydrodelete has to be blended with 25% of
YC M402 hardener and can be efficiently used over

// all water-based basecoats for wood
// 1k topcoats for wood
// 2k transparent and pigmented topcoats for wood*
// 1k wall painting

*Within 24 hours from the color application.

Main dirt agents and cleaning solutions
Once the surfaces have been shielded by Antigraffti Hydrodelete, they can be treated with ethyl alcohol to remove black nitro spray and permanent marker and with acetone to remove zinc synthetic spray.





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