Tailor-made stains intermix

A water-based match by Renner Wood Coatings

Renner Wood Coatings'
Tailor-made stains intermix

exemplify the apex of contemporary stain technology

Leveraging a selection of 12 water-based base stains, it unlocks a limitless spectrum of achievable shades, empowering artisans with the precision required for comprehensive color customization. By capitalizing on innovative Italian engineering, these water-based stains are designed to produce high-fidelity, vibrant finishes that reflect the desired creative vision.

Customized formulation process​

To enhance the efficiency of in-house color matching, Renner has meticulously curated a selection of 127 stain colors. This expansive and versatile palette streamlines the formulation process, ensuring that every custom blend precisely aligns with the intricate specifications of designers and craftsmen.

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