Precious, high gloss coatings from renewable sources for the leather industry

30 November 2020

Realise glossy sustainable collections made of leather

Precious is the 100 gloss clear coating that makes the creativity of fashion designers green

Thanks to the exclusive formula based on raw materials from renewable sources, this topcoat enhances the sustainable manufacturing of maisons and the uniqueness of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, sofas made of leather, synthetic leather and pleather. 100 gloss: the highest glossiness, also on extremely matt leathers, for those who are looking for a totally high gloss aesthetic result.

Less CO2 is trendier

Fashion design becomes green

Precious is the first extra high gloss coating for leather, synthetic leather and pleather, that can boast 100% of resins from renewable sources. These raw materials have plant origin and are not meant for human nourishment. Choosing Precious means to adhere to the values of a tracked, controlled, safe and sustainable supply chain. This sustainable manufacturing allows the contemporary generation to take advantage of the highest aesthetic and quality standards while safeguarding the needs of the future generations. Raw materials inside Precious, far from the logics of petroleum industry, are sustainable because they reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, as all Renner coatings, also this hi-tech topcoat is produced inside plants which are totally fed by green energy. Choose Precious to add value to your collections.

Resistant to cut
needlework and wear

Super adhesion and flexibility

Precious has a super adhesion on every type of leather, also of synthetic origin. It has a great grip on surfaces, enhancing their features and protecting their original aspect from daily wear. Particularly resistant to scratches and common detergents, this coating protects leathers from cold liquids. On an item covered with Precious, you can remove ink stains within one hour simply by means of acetone. Precious is top of the range product in terms of elasticity, flexibility and flow. Its features make it particularly resistant to cut and needlework. If folded or bended, it doesn’t crack nor show flaws. During industrial manufacturing Precious provides higher resistance to leather clothes if applied on seams and optimizes fabric heat sealing process.

Precious for your health
No harmful substance

As all Renner solvent-based products,
also Precious topcoat contains no harmful substances such as

  • aromatic compounds / substances in many solventbased formulas, that may damage the human health
  • styrene / aromatic hydrocarbon officially recognised as carcinogenic by United States Department of Health, national toxicology program
  • phtalates / these chemical compounds are derivatives of petroleum and can inhibit the development of male and female genitals and also the maturation of sperms
  • formaldehyde / the most famous one inside aldehydes family, this substance was declared as carcinogenic by World Health Organization

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